Tim Dygert is the owner and operator of Dygert Design.

Tim comes from a family of designers and builders. It's in his blood. His father and grandfather were commercial contractors. He has built custom homes, restored historic dwellings, designed interiors and fabricated additions, art studios, and shops.

All the while, he has been involved in theatre and event production and has produced more than 600 live theatre, dance, music, and corporate events. Tim has worked with award winning designers, playwrights, performers, and entertainment professionals. He has worked professionally in just about every role possible in live entertainment. Set design, sound design and production, properties design, rigging... you name it.

​Tim is also a skilled and experienced museum and gallery exhibit designer, fine art handler, and museum quality mount maker. He can create custom mounts for your precious artifacts.

Meet Tim.

Tim Dygert

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