Tim Dygert

James Morgan



"Tim is wildly experienced, extremely hardworking, and is a great joy to collaborate with".

Dygert Design LLC

Founded: 2016

Owner: Timothy J Dygert


Areas of expertise:  Theatre, dance, corporate, event, staging, large print format, design. 

Company Profile

Harvey Award Winner



Best Scene Design for a Signature Series Production.

Meet Tim.

Awards & Recognition

Tim Dygert is the owner and operator of Dygert Design. He has been involved in theatre and event production for over twenty eight years and has produced more than 400 live theatre, dance, music, and corporate events. Tim has worked with award winning designers, playwrights, performers, and entertainment professionals. He has worked professionally in just about every role possible in live entertainment.  From production management and technical direction to scenic and music production design, he has the skill-set and knowledge base to help the client achieve their goals.

"Jacks Theatre"  Review - Dixie Swim Club



"The set is another hallmark masterpiece".